How Workforce Management Software helps Security Guard Companies

The world needs smart solutions especially for the crucial aspect of the security of property and assets. Paper and pen-based business operations are good for nothing and cost you a lot of time resources. Automation is the key to building more efficient solutions for the clients and their security needs.

Workforce Management Solutions automate manual tasks — from suggesting the most optimal tour routes to tracking the security guards and generating patrol reports. The Security Guard Management Software enables security companies to run smooth processes eliminating errors in manual jobs.

The security guards at the site are the core pillars of your security arrangements. If they fail to perform your security services and reputation roll down. Increasing responsibility and accountability in security guards is important for error-free patrolling. Workforce Management Software makes it very easy for security supervisors to track the guards’ movement as they patrol the client sites.

The GPS tracking technology offers more visibility of your security guard patrols. The guard movement can be tracked and recorded eliminating the chances of idle time.

GeoFencing is another great technology used in Security Guard Company Software. The technology raises an alert in case of a missed checkpoint during the guard patrol. As the alerts are reported in real-time, the security guard can be questioned for the gap in following the set patrol route.

It is very important to efficiently manage the security guards at duty. Security Guard Software is the right tool to manage security guards and processes. The mobile app access allows security guards to check schedules, acknowledge assigned duties, check-in and out of shifts, submit shift reports, etc. The guard can also check their working hours for payroll management.

Additionally, real-time incident reporting makes lone worker management very easy for supervisors. This boosts the sense of safety and trust in a security guard. Easy and efficient operations offer job satisfaction to the security guards while enabling the supervisors to have better control over the security guards.

Customer service is a very crucial aspect of any business including security guard services. The client portal integration in Security Management Software allows security companies to offer top-notch customer services. The client access can be tailored to suit the requirements, nurturing a transparent business relationship, where security guard companies can share permissible data with the clients at any time. A client can check the progress of the security operations on their sites and enjoy peace of mind. This saves time and effort as the client has 24/7 access to the portal, from anywhere in the world.

Security guard companies do not have to exploit their valuable resources in managing security guards or keeping track of their work hours & overtime. The live GPS Tracking, easy report generation, automated check-in, and out records, eliminate the need for the manual backend management. This implies that the previous investment in these resources is now free for more meaningful investments.

Novagems is the best Workforce Management Software. It offers all the above-mentioned benefits. A feature-rich and technologically advanced security management solution, Novagems enables security companies to unleash their potential and deliver security services at par with the client’s expectations.

Know more about Novagems and invest in a futuristic tool for efficient security operations.

Originally published at on October 22, 2020.



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